Ludford - No surprise at council

Gordon Stanley’s complaint reference Ludford Parish Council, Rasen Mail 15th October, is read with much amusement.

Did he really expect anything remotely related to honesty and common sense from that group of people?

They perhaps have a deep seated desire to be the people’s representative in Tower Hamlets, there will be no straw or any other agricultural litter to be found in east London.

Perhaps the other two distressed residents on Sixhills Lane would prefer waste chewing gum?

Amusement to one side, parish councils are responsible for traffic calming, but do the good councillors of Ludford do anything about the hoards of traffic that comes hurtling through the village at whatever speed takes their selfish fancy?

Of course not. There are dozens of blind driveways where residents and visitors risk their lives on a daily basis, but this is swept aside, it would seem, by a parish council wishing to toady to Lincolnshire County Council.

Michael Dable

Coupland Court, Ludford