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The letter below is not to be considered as a response from the Parish council but a personal response from myself, I have been a Parish Cllr for 20 years and am Chairman of Ludford PC.

We realise the newspapers role in the current times is to vilify those who follow the rules and try to headline odd facts however the hundreds of unpaid parish councillors are getting sick of the lack of support and for the editors lack of substantiating facts before going to press. Perhaps when next year the news is no-one is prepared to stand for election at Council Elections we will then be all declared uncaring and selfish too.

Ludford Parish Council treat letters from parishioners as confidential and Mr. Stanley was given the courtesy of his letter being attended to by a full council before making a considered response. The council meets 6 times a year at regular published dates and on these occasions deals with all matters. Our response to him he received two days after the meeting following receipt of said letter.

We never act on unsubstantiated matters.

On this matter it has been a public concern, the fact that highways officially do not consider the matter a problem does not mean that it is not so for residents.

After all highways do not think Ludford has a speeding problem – we and all residents however know this is not the case and walking along the narrow footpath through the village is an exercise in hanging on to the hedge at times to stop being sucked under speeding four by fours, buses and caravans.

Mr Stanley has in the past brought his own personal issues to the attention of the council and has received a similar courtesy.

The council acts in a responsible manner in accordance with required standards so refuses to take part in slanging matches, this leaves us vulnerable to insinuations and accusations. I would not permit the councillors to respond to the bullying and intimidating nature of the inflammatory comments in previously published editions of the paper.

I note that Mr. Michael Dable has decided to add his own personal derogatory comments about the performance of Ludford Parish Cllrs. If he can show dishonesty in any of my councillors I want to know about it, we have a good working relationship with highways and Lincs County Council who have demands from small parishes all over Lincolnshire and we get our measure of successes. Perhaps he thinks we would achieve more with his own more insulting and intimidating approach.

Ludford PCs 7 Cllrs, most also holding down full time jobs , give freely their time, are the first to do any jobs around the village which need attention, often putting in considerable efforts. They receive no recompense, or expenses. Parishioners all seem to want all the advantages of living in a village with none of the responsibilities.

Mr Stanley states he cuts the grass (outside his own property) clears the roads in winter (his own) and in future will not do so, however this may make him seem like a village saviour, in fact he cleared snow for some friends who asked him and the village hall car park as asked but received for this recompense in kind.

The lane down to the village hall car park had already been cleared by hand by residents and kept clear. All residents found their own way of clearing snow and do so year after year.

Should he refuse to do so in future the main inconvenience will be to himself and I would be disappointed in his lack of neighbourliness, however we survived before he came to live in the village and will no doubt continue to do so.

The council uses part of the precept for grass cutting around the village but many residents keep the village cut and tidied around their properties. We have to be a self help group in a village, Litter picking, hedge trimming, caring for each other. These are the responsibilities of village living.

Most businesses working from the village are mindful of the needs of residents, no one group has the monopoly of having their views heard and attended to above the other.

Mrs Patricia Ridger

Playing Field Lane, Ludford, Market Rasen

Editor’s Note: All views printed in the Rasen Mail letters page are those of the correspondent and not the newspaper. The Mail has never and will never voice an opinion on the work of any body.