Locals run Rasen not MR BIG

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EDITOR – It has been interesting to read the letters over the last few weeks that include several from a MR BIG.

While I praise them for the effort in winning the award, I would add that they ignore the local people who live in Market Rasen at their peril.

This week I have been in two local shops where people purporting to be part of MR BIG were very loud. In the first I had difficulty getting any assistance as this person was lecturing the shopkeeper on how good they were and what MR BIG was going to do.

In the second shop an assistant was trying to serve me only for another to interrupt and explain loudly over my shoulder how MR BIG would support them.

I would like to remind MR BIG that he is NOT Big Brother and ask him to remember that without the support of the local residents there would not be any shops to save.

MR BIG must not be allowed to take over Market Rasen; it belongs to the locals.


Nigel Cook

Market Rasen