Local coverage - Good for LIVES and council

Your excellent article about LIVES reminds me that our volunteers in Grasby cover a wide area to the north of Market Rasen, they are unsung heroes and whilst viable financially due to various local fundraising, they desperately need volunteers to man or woman the service!

Age is no barrier as long as one is reasonably fit, over the years their work has saved numerous people as has the Brigg LIVES that the Brigg Rotary club promoted and helped finance some 10 years ago. They are all very committed and caring people, which we should all say a big thank you to, if you need details of contacts, to volunteer for either service, please email me or phone 01652628448.

On another note it is excellent to see the Mail studying and reporting our West Lindsey district council meetings, (via the webcam) for years our ratepayers had little idea of what was discussed and what decisions taken, and hopefully on their behalf!

I am sure this will result in a more balanced account of West Lindsey’s doings, than what flows from the diatribe that is presented from the West Lindsey member for Fiskerton, on many and varied topics, none more so than the County’s Energy from waste plant, built 4million pounds under budget, on time and currently returning a profit above all finance and interest charges to the county coffers of over a million pounds, annually. This plant was supported and voted for by his political Leader, all through the design and build process, this has been explained numerous times by numerous people to Cllr Chris Darcell, however he refuses to listen.

What really upsets me, is that the team responsible at county hall for the design and build, are a keen, young and enthusiastic bunch, who deserve some praise for their hard work, rather than Chris Darcells constant carping.

Even if he happened to be right, which he is not, it is built now, so please change the record Chris, and help celebrate a really good news story that is ending landfill across Lincolnshire!

Coun Lewis Strange

West Lindsey-the Kelsey wold ward. Lincolnshire cc-The Ancholme cliff division