Letter: Yes, our cars were snowed in... and here’s the evidence!

The car in the snow. Picture submitted.
The car in the snow. Picture submitted.
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EDITOR – It seems to me that Ms Joy Heath is the person suffering from a vivid imagination.

To begin with, she sees 4x4 vehicles which do not exist because my father certainly does not drive one.

During the snow we had, as always, two small Toyotas parked in our drive – mine and my father’s.

We could neither of us get out: not only had the snow blown in and frozen on the drive, but Ms Heath’s partner, who was indeed the farmer who cleared the road past our house, had managed to put some fairly substantial heaps of ploughed up snow on our frontage, which in the end took my nephew with his bobcat to remove.

No offence to Fred, who did an excellent job in keeping the roads around Swallow clear, but the fact remains that we couldn’t get out of our drive.

I attach a picture of my father’s car in the snow and my father making efforts to clear the snow a couple of days later.

According to my diary the snow started on November 27. We went to the shop to stock up on November 30, and while we were there the snow came down heavily and was drifting so we only just managed to get home safely.

The first time we were able to go out in a car after that was December 8.

These are verifiable facts, not imagination.

Clarissa M. Turner

Swallow Cottage, Swallow Vale, Swallow