Letter: Winners and losers in pool plan process

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EDITOR – The saga of the pool goes on.

Every week we hear a different amount for the running of the pool. Originally we were told the cost would be £1.25m over five years, equating to £250,000 per year.

Then we were told that this could be reduced to £100,000 with the introduction of new technology. Now we are told it would cost £400,000 per year to run.

Are they using inflated running costs to justify why we can’t afford the pool in these economic times.

Right then; the pool has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. We were then told that some of the money put aside for the pool will come to Rasen. But at a meeting I attended recently we were told there is no money available.

My question is: “Why not?”

Let us now go behind the scenes and see who has gained and who is the real loser from all this.

Because Market Rasen was going to have a pool WLDC had decided to upgrade the facilities in Gainsborough at Marshalls Sports Ground (WLDC owned Roses and Marshalls at the time before transfer to Gainsborough Town Council).

This would be completed before transfer took place.

WLDC therefore put in £500,000 for the project and gained another £300,000 from grants, mainly from the Football Foundation.

Having therefore put money in to the Market Rasen Pool and Marshalls it was felt that a sum of money ought to be made available as a leisure capital fund for the area of the Lincoln Fringe.

A further £500,000 was commuted to that end to be bid for by projects in the fringe villages.

It was hoped this would not fund projects as such but “prime the pump” to enable grants to be sought from other sports and leisure concerns, such as the Football Foundation or the Sport for All consortium.

What has now happened, which I guess no one had foreseen, is that the pool project has not happened.

However, Gainsborough and Lincoln Fringe have gained from this while Market Rasen area has actually ended up with nothing.

One could argue that at least a capital fund of £500,000 ought to be set aside for Market Rasen area.

Is there or is there not a pot of money for Market Rasen!

Ken Bridger

Market Rasen