LETTER: Wind turbines - A case of not in my backyard?

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These are admirable sentiments expressed by the opponents of “giant wind turbines”.

They speak clearly with the good of Caistor at heart.

It is healthy to protest and a visible sign of democracy.

What about wind turbines?

Sadly the UK is a late developer in this field. I can recall seeing rows of turbines some 12-years ago when entering Zeebrugge port.

So how are we going to meet our increasing energy demands or is the spectre of “lights out or load shedding” just scare mongering?.

We do not like sinful coal fired power stations and definitely not nuclear ones.

A tidal powered one on the Severn would disturb the birds. What is the alternative?.What about Biomas?

Yes, but of course you would have all those dreadful lorries travelling to the power station night and day.

The problem is made worse by the intransigence of the government which believes in shovelling anything controversial under the carpet until after the next election, when Dave believes he will be returned with a handsome majority.

Have we got that long, before a workable long term energy policy is agreed?

Time is not on our side. In the meantime, I am not going to protest about the erection of a wind turbine, in this quite remote location.

I will however, chain myself to the railings to protest against a nuclear power station on Sandbraes, even though it be carefully camouflaged to mislead walkers into thinking it is an extension to the duck factory.

Let them build it at Killingholme! Not in my back yard.

Paul Snell