Letter: Wind Power - It’s the wrong technology for our future

Renewables - Nevermind the looks, do they work reliably and economically ??

Here are some clues- UK has 5,000+ wind turbines, on average they supply just 5% of our demand but they fluctuate between 13% and 0%.

See what’s happening on the grid now- http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/

This is how much they cost you (OFGM figs)-http://www.variablepitch.co.uk/finance/ (and yes the monthly totals ARE in hundreds of millions ££)

Total of solar PV installed in the UK to date stands at over 2.7GW, on average they supply just 0.03% of our average demand.

The following info was taken from Dept of Energy and Climate Change website (recently removed because the green lobby said “it wasn’t helpful” )

Comparative land areas for 4 power technologies To produce 26TWh (Terawatt hrs)/year- 4 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plants = 130 acres. Hinkley Point C nuclear = 430 acres Solar farms = 130,000 acres.

Plus 130 acres of CCGT power plants for the 92% of time solar is not producing reliable capacity.

Onshore wind farms = 250,000 acres. Plus 130 acres of CCGT power plants for the 73% of time wind is not producing reliable capacity.

Wind turbines- Do they cost us money -YES

Are the subsidies a scam – YES

Are they a good investment for the developer – YES

Do they cut CO2 – NO

Do they give reliable energy - NO

Do they give energy security - NO

Are they fit for purpose - NO

Should we build more – NO

They are the wrong technology for the job, chosen by ill-informed politicians, not by engineers.

I’m not a NIMBY… But, I am proud to be a NIABY (not in anyone’s backyard).

Save Energy

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