LETTER: Wind power IS the way forward for Lincolnshire

In this time of volatile commodity prices and unpredictable weather patterns, the modest but steady income provided by wind turbines would be a financial lifeline to many small farmers and businesses in Lincolnshire, and would provide a real boost to the local economy in terms of worthwhile jobs for young people and more money to be spent in local shops.

It’s a pity that certain people, for their own selfish reasons, wish instead to freeze the county in some kind of time warp, where toads and ramblers take priority over the business and commerce that actually pays the wages and settles the bills.

As an engineer of some 20 years experience in power generation I have yet to see any proof that wind turbines are noisier, less efficient or more costly in the long term than any other source of power. Comparing wind power to gas or nuclear is like comparing apples with oranges. We need them all.

The fact that certain country dwellers might now have to endure the very slightest of disturbances to their visual and audio environment for the greater good of the country, seems a small price to pay for progress, a price which incidentally, the masses living in the urban environment have paid much more heavily since the start of the industrial revolution.

John C Semple C. Eng. MIET.

Sandy Lane, Tealby.