Letter: Wind energy - It is not the key to our future

Mine is no doubt one of many responses to your article “Why wind holds key to our future” featuring Jonathan Lincoln of the Sustainable Energy Alliance.

I am one of the people Mr Lincoln referred to as “nimbies” and proudly supported the Villages Of the Cliff Against Turbines campaign. As such, there are many of Mr Lincoln’s statements I contest, however, I feel compelled to put on record one or two with which I take particular issue.

Throughout the article, Mr Lincoln stated as fact, claims which in reality he should have given purely as his opinion, or backed up with actual figures.

For example, “more than 70 per cent of people in the UK are in favour of wind power” – numbers and areas polled, please.

Mr Lincoln “points out” that power stations are an even bigger blot on the landscape – his opinion.

He was reported as dismissing claims that turbines are noisy, but then appeared to compare them with noisy neighbours or barking dogs – to quote our younger generation, “and his point is…?”

Mr Lincoln referred to me (and other objectors) as vocal, in the minority, well-funded and misinformed. Vocal, well-funded and misinformed I am not.

I am also one of the majority (in excess of 2,000) of local people who wrote letters of objection to the Hemswell Cliff application.

To verify the fact, I visited WLDC offices and physically counted the letters of support for RWE – there were 21 from local residents; the majority were signed by people living in Gainsborough, the remainder were signed by people from as far away as Stoke on Trent, Bawtry, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, even one from Athens!

All of the letters except one were identical, pro-forma letters – people had only to add their address and signature.

This is about localism, Mr Lincoln; the rights of local people to decide matters relating to their environment and communities; the right to choose what is and is not appropriate for their area.

I wonder why someone who represents an organisation based in Wales is so bothered about what happens in and around the villages of West Lindsey?

Neither Mr Lincoln nor any number of industrial turbines sited along the Lincoln Edge are the answer to my future energy prayers.

L. Worth (State Pension Funded)

High Street, Caenby