LETTER: Why no Sir for Edward Leigh?

OK !, So Edward Leigh MP having spent his time writing a letter and thus getting this printed in our Market Rasen Mail. Wednesday August 7, 2013 didn’t quite come up to scratch in the eyes of our Editor, for why should he leave off the Sir?.

Because By Gad Sir this is nothing more than a unprecedented and rather unscrupulous cock-up on the part of an Editor who on doing such a thing has been bitten by the bug of jealously, or failing this something else has gone on behind closed doors in which words were spoken between these two men that rattled the Ed?

Still I suppose it will be left to us the public to put two and two together before finding out the truth of this misdemeanour.

Yet in the meantime I thought Sir Edward Leigh MP wrote a cracker with words of wit that lifted the reader and placed a smile upon their faces which in today’s England of doom and gloom is very much needed.

Because it’s the doom and gloom I have come across in Caistor from a small older generation of men and women who while knowing better at that age have since birth of wee George have slated the poor little sprog in the most disgusting manner with one particular man using language that was nothing more than pure filth, and they know who they are, shame on them.

So please keep writing Sir Edward Leigh MP for I for one will always use the SIR, while some in their absentmindedness may of over looked this and have I no doubt been left off your Christmas Card List.

Nino Hoblyn