LETTER: What reson can Market Rasen Town Council have for not co-opting?

On more than one occasion in the past, our local council has faced difficulties in finding and recruiting suitable replacement councillors for our local authority.

With democratic principles and female equality in mind, one has to ask why a proven candidate such as our local Carol Skye, should have had her second application to join the council rejected for the second time running.

Over the years this lady has contributed so much voluntary effort to our towns improvement having been initially involved with the formation of the Market Rasen Development Trust and more recently, the setting up and management of the Market Rasen Hub.

It does occur to me that this co-opted council might regard Carl Skye as a threat to their style of management, thus depriving our community of her special talents and energetic initiatives.

What other explanation can there be?

Ron Jones

Rase Lane

Market Rasen