LETTER: What are pet owners to do with high priced vets?

Would on kind Editor please allow me through the pages of the Market Rasen Mail to enquire if there be any more folk like me and my dear wife who because of not being able to up front the cash for a vet to look at our dog, find ourselves in what can only be described as a great dilemma.

Because on discovering two days ago a small swelling inside his ear, has somewhat grown in size, but not to the point or our poor dog showing any signs of distress at the moment, which in fact we were told from ringing around the many vets in our area, sounds like a haematoma, a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues.

And so what does one do? Do we have to wait until we have spent time before the amount of money can put together, which in the meantime, not being vets ourselves or having a clue what this time delay could have on our dogs health?

And informing all those vets that were rung, that some money without delay could be put up front and the rest would be paid each week until the full bill was settled, were told that this I’m afraid was not now the done thing.

And now we come to the crux of this letter, what does one do now?

Do we now leave an animal that needs help right away, in thinking that for some reason he believes that because we don’t have the money right away, that we as animal lovers no longer care?

Or, God forbid, while my wife and I try our hardest to claw together what sum of money that is needed to pay the vet up front, an animal’s life is put at risk through no fault of his own?

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor