LETTER: West Lindsey award recognises community

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The Citizen of the Year award at West Lindsey, was a tribute not only to the caring Shirley Sanderson who has worked so hard, for the community Shirley lives in, and obviously loves, but also for the hundreds of other good hearted people who have been doing community work or caring for the vulnerable for years just like Shirley.

Coun Jeff Summers had encouraged West Lindsey to hold an annual awards ceremony, to recognise the dedication of many local people in their communities, and just to see so many people recognised.

It’s really pleasing that localism has been alive and kicking for many years in West Lindsey, and long may it continue.

I have been an active church member for many years, and to see the church I love tearing itself to pieces over the ordination of lady Bishops shows what a hopeless tangle it has got itself into, whilst St Mary le Wigford church in Lincoln cannot now afford a shelter for eight homeless people, the great and the good uphill at our truly marvellous cathedral, obviously have not had the time to consider releasing funds to help the Christian message of their being room in the inn, and so allow the priest at St Mary’s to throw open the door and provide a resting place for the destitute.

When I suggested to a senior prelate, that solving the problem of lady Bishops was simply to have both a male and a female Bishop in each diocese, his reply was that he didn’t think anyone had thought of that.

Finally, whilst I hope I am full of the Christmas spirit, it does not spread to the low life, who for the past two years have robbed our churches of their lead roofs.

By chance, the police stopped and detained several young men, they were sentenced to several years in prison for a sustained programme of robbing churches - a well-deserved punishment, but who will be paying for this gang in prison?

They originate in Lithuania why should they not spend their sentence in a Lithuanian jail ?

Seasons greeting to all.

Lewis Strange,