Letter untrue and damaging

EDITOR – Judging from the numerous telephone calls I received after last week’s publication of RM I take it I was not the only one who was disgusted by the letter from Dannii Ingley (the daughter of Fred Smith the current landowner for the planning application).

Not only were her comments totally untrue but defamatory and uncalled for. She did everything but name the site she is referring to “Caistor Fisheries”

She obviously has not done her home work; my site has nothing in common with Dale Farm. I do not have illegal immigrants or gypsies living or attending the site and those people of Caistor that visit my premises are well aware of this.

My site has full planning for everything. I wonder how many times she has actually been to Caistor Fisheries. Ironically when approached by the Brigg Rd Residents Association regarding my views on this planning application, I did not raise any objection to it providing that Phil Manning had to jump through all the hoops that the BRRA have made me jump through over the years.

In my opinion the writer of this letter is young and naive but her untrue comments have angered me and possibly done my business a great deal of harm.

Margaret Rybakowski


Caistor Fisheries Ltd