LETTER: Truly inspirational story of Claudia’s Cause

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How many folk one comes across today when spoken to with a polite “Halo me old chum, how you diddling?” gets in return a run down of nothing more than doom and gloom which leaves you wondering why you spoke to them in the first place.

And I for one am no different when trying to put over your own woe is me, thinking that the whole world and his dog have ganged up against you, and only you.

So, come on lets be truthful, we’ve all done it from time to time, while some make it full time habit and here’s me in that self same frame of mind walking off to the paper shop after the wife has burnt my toast soldiers and boiled my six eggs for three minutes and not my two minutes 35 seconds.

Yet, all that changed in a flash when purchasing our Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday June 11, 2104, and reading the front page headline as I strode off back home.

Claudia’s a little miracle, which gave the reader not only a most fantastic uplifting story of eight-year-old Claudia Burkhill from Market Rasen, who after being given just six weeks to live after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, came back with a knock out punch to place this torment once and for all into the history book of this wee lass.

And the photograph, arms raised, standing her ground like a Champion and a smile on her face that tells the world Claudia Burkhill is a true Champion.

So, don’t mess with this lass, because she’s a fighter and after reading her story it makes one wonder what the rest of us like myself have to moan about in our day to day taken for granted good health and well being.

Nino Hoblyn