LETTER: Town Council - Bowls club is hardly elitist

I thought Coun Matthew’s remarks when speaking against helping the Market Rasen Bowling Club with the cost of their toilet refurbishment were rather intemperate.

The bowls club is hardly “Elitist”. It is perfectly usual and proper for a local council to make grants to local sports clubs, as their member’s voluntary efforts provide a benefit to the community.

The only proviso is that they are constituted as a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

Regarding Coun. Matthews other comment that his reporting of the lights in Market Place Walk to the county council has produced no results, I suspect this may be because they are not council streetlights.

Market Place Walk is not a public right of way. I think the lights belong to another not-for-profit members organisation (“Elitist” … ?). The Co-op.

Most of the lights in their car park are out as well.

On the other hand, the light on the HSBC Bank, which was damaged (and removed) when their flat caught fire, is a council light.

Perhaps Coun Matthews could arrange for its replacement?

John Padley,

Market Rasen