LETTER: Town Blooms Transformed Caistor

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As the Autumn starts to spread its colder and misty mornings as well as its mellow fruit fullness, should we not reflect on the glorious summer and the harvest that has yielded far better than our farmers, ever expected in the icy days of February and March.

We have so much to be thankful for in this beautiful corner of Lincolnshire nestling under the ridges of our Area of outstanding natural beauty, the Wolds.

Under and on the side of that ridge lies Caistor, a community that ten years ago resembled some sad town where the major industry had closed down, with boarded up shops, litter and run down properties.

How things have been turned around by dedicated groups of people, residents know who all those people are, they all should be congratulated on their hard work and dedication, not least a certain district councillor with his weekly news- letter, that covers Caistor and surrounding villages, the area is lucky to have him.

The only fly in the ointment is the sad state of the building at the top of plough hill, surely the owner can do their bit for the town, and renovate or sell it and let someone else give a fine building some loving care, and provide possibly two families a home, and who knows, had that building and just a couple of others been in reasonable order, the truly wonderful result for Caistor in the “Britain in Bloom” competition of fifth, might have been in the top three!

All those that have made Caistor such a joy to visit with their lovely gardens and floral displays around the town should feel very proud of what they have created long may they carry on, making the town one of the most attractive communities to visit in the county.

Finally, last Saturday as I drove into the town, and in the rain who were sweeping up- you’ve guessed - members of the Caistor in Bloom group-total dedication!

Well done Debs and all the team!

Lewis Strange