LETTER: To use the word “Holocaust” is ridiculous and wrong

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To use the word “Holocaust” in any form but its true context is nothing more than a pure outrage to those human beings who during that period of the Second World War, before and after, who were subjected to a nonexistent life which was to lead to their deaths in millions.

And for one nonentity in the shape of Peta Watson Smith to use the word “Holocaust” in her pathetic way of summing up the farmers of England in their welfare of animals should in true respect condemn her.

For it is becoming far too often in today’s world where folk who haven’t got one grey cell in their cranium open up their release valve of their septic tank of a mouth in thinking what comes forth is all sweetness and smelling of roses, when in fact it stinks and sounds too stupid for words.

Farmers Fury Over “Holocaust” Allegation, Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday June 11, 2014, is just another quick way of making a name for yourself through the cost and expense of English Farmers, because at the end of the day Peta Watson Smith wouldn’t know which end of a cow to feed.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street