LETTER: Syrian aid - Why not lead by example?

The man’s infinitely endless generosity to those in dire need is admirable.

Yes, I’m speaking of David Cameron PM, whom after his humiliating defeat over invading Syria, salves his wounded ego with £400,000,000.

£4,00,000,000 of taxpayers money in aid tot he displaced population of this country of which there is no doubt that the money will end up with the terrorists he was funding there in the first place.

He turns a blind eye to the desperately needy, whos pockets he picks for this selfless deed, cancer sufferers left with neither treatment or operations, hospices or hospitals completely dependant on charity, lifeboats and air ambulances funded by goodwill and the elderly, who die of cold in their thousands or the starving who survive on food parcels, all here in England.

Revenge, they say, is a dish best eaten cold.

There is only one way that our PM can regain any respect and that is by leading by example. Why doesn’t he cash in every asset and account that is his own and then do us all a huge favour by buying a one-way ticket to Syria to take it there in person.

Mrs G P Hoblyn

North Strret, Caistor