LETTER: Some things in Lincolnshire never change

Alas, this will be my last attempt at a contribution to your letters pages as soon I shall be heading, less or more, for the Costa Geriatrica for the term of my natural.

For the past four years or so I have enjoyed reading your pages as well as contributing to them on the odd occasion. I can’t resist a Parthian Shot or two so here goes. The comments are meant to be droll rather than personal so leave me alone please.

My partner moved to Rasen in January 1995 when, she says, all the chat was about the forthcoming swimming pool. I really must visit Mr and Mrs Greenwood again because try as I may I can’t see this pool anywhere; or is it underground, surely it can’t take 18 years to build a pool?

Coincidentally I visited Rasen for the first time in the spring of 1995 and as a point of interest to the contributing climate change gurus there was a howling blizzard blowing at the time; work that one out for yourselves.

Mr Big promised a lot but he appears to have been the triumph of marketing over substance. Cutting the business rates and tidying the place up a bit might have been more effective.

Greens is now up for sale and Mr Big will interview prospective buyers; very Big of him. Were it me making a pitch, I would be interviewing him and having a good look at the books before I parted with my hard earned long green folding stuff. What were the business rates charged and the unit labour costs for this venture one wonders?

Dear old Burt Keimach quoted one of my heroes, former Master of the Rolls the late Lord Denning, at a recent WLDC meeting; “be you ever so high the law is above you”.

Well Burt, in simple terms parliament is the law round here so how come WLDC will not take heed of the Secretary of State, that nice Mr Pickles, and really hack into their controllable costs, dig into their reserves and not raise council taxes. Perhaps it is the wrong sort of law, but chopping even one overpaid “no job” job might make the tax payers believe you are trying.

What about the Lincolnshire “is he isn’t he” Chief Constable Saga then? A few months ago some people in Lincolnshire, about six per cent of them, voted for the new PCC who seems to have landed himself in a bit of hot water.

When I were a lad every engineering drawing had in bold letters across the top of it “If in doubt ask”; sound advice really.

Maybe the entire PCC/PCP process is flawed; after all there appears to be no requirement for candidates for PCC to have any particular skills. It might have been handy were man management skills, budgetary control skills and a rough working knowledge of the applicable legislation a mandatory requirement.

At least Rasen has a good MP.

Peter Street

Middle Rasen.