LETTER: Sheer Stupidity - Amazed at fracking story

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The capacity for unbelievable stupidity by successive Governments has never ceased to amaze me, But ! Oh Bot, the latest completely brainless idiocy really takes the biscuit.

And where did I hear of this crass lunacy! Not the BBC, nor on any English Channel, but , you’ve guessed it, “R-T, Freeview Channel, Number 85”. “FRACKING”.

Already Banned in Dallas, proven 100% to be Unprofitable and to totally corrupt and poison all the land and those forced to live around it, and a Major Instigator of Earthquakes.

In a paper outlined by people in power who have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about, (they have even admitted this), one of the major sites up for grabs and all the Billions in Subsidies that go with it are in the Lincolnshire Wolds and Fens.

The History of Seismic Activity in this County is quite incredible, take Crowland Abbey as a major example, the very day the building was completed a Massive Earthquake Raised it to the Ground.

It took decades to 
rebuild and when finished another Huge Earth Tremor Struck, which left only the facade and middle isle standing which was so devastating that the Abbey was left in format.

Take the recent Seismic History, the Large Quake right here, (6.2), which as been declared a Major Active Fault Line.

Even during the last century underground caves in Lincolnshire were inspected for storage of Gas and were declared to be Unsafe because of the History of Earthquakes in the County.

What possesses our hierarchy to come out with such a ludicrous plan is beyond all comprehension, and what right do they have to poison my drinking water, destabilise the land my home stands upon and make excellent agricultural land barren when we are in the grip of a Word Food Shortage?.

Strange how the “Human Rights” lobbyists are keeping quiet on this one when we need them in this situation to stand up for the ordinary people, or is this another case of “ They Don’t Matter, Do They ?”

Mrs G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor