Letter: Ring Estelle and help to resolve debt issues

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EDITOR – Thank you for your recent article covering the new debt counselling service that has just started in Rasen.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Christians Against Poverty to offer this free, very professional, service to any one who needs it.

CAP now have 150 centres around the country and are growing rapidly in their efforts to help people pay off their debts and cope with their financial problems.

Estelle Forsythe, who lives in North Willingham, has now completed her debt counsellor training and has started to help her first client.

Contrary to your report, however, she will visit clients in their own homes by appointment and not in Market Rasen’s Festival Hall.

Our church is providing a full support team for Estelle and covering the costs of running the centre, but Estelle is currently giving her services for free.

Information about the service is being made available around the town in the Health Centre, Social Services Offices, Council Offices and other venues.

“The worst thing someone in debt can do is stay silent,” says Estelle.

“I urge anyone in financial difficulty in the area to contact me on 0800 328 0006. The service is professional, confidential and completely free.

“I will visit you to discuss your finances then return with a budget proposal professionally drawn up by CAP head office.

“If you agree, CAP will then liaise with your creditors to negotiate affordable repayment terms and handle all this for you.

“They even have an insolvency department to offer guidance through bankruptcy proceedings if this proves necessary. This is all paid for by participating churches and other donations so costs you absolutely nothing.”

We are acutely aware that job cuts, the squeeze on public services and other Government economies are causing enormous hardship in our area, especially following Christmas.

Every four minutes a property is being repossessed in this country, representing untold hardship and misery for thousands of families.

It is a privilege to be able to support Estelle in the work she is doing and help prevent some sleepless nights and the loss of homes and dignity in our community.

Paul Hiley

Pastor, Market Rasen New Life Church