LETTER: Research - Did you serve in WAAFs?

live on part of a former World War 2/Early Cold War radar base.

I have so far managed to track down 14 former World War 2 WAAFs who served here and around 35 1950s airmen and a couple of officers.

I have managed to put WAAFs back in touch who lost touch in 1945 and airmen back in touch who have not seen each other since 1955, in one case a gentleman and his best man.

For me this is a national and international search for all former veterans and their family members.

Without your support my ability to reach veterans is greatly limited.

I am really grateful for any help you can offer me with getting the word out.

Mike Digby,

Green Acres, Osier Lane, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6PL, Tel 01263 824069