LETTER: Renewables - Come see wind farm impact

May I recommend that anyone who is unsure whether wind turbines should be opposed or not make a visit to the western side of Waddingham.

First, there were two modestly-sized wind turbines. Soon this was double to four turbines.

Now we see that two larger turbines are being added.

There has been plenty of warnings about this creeping industrialisation of our country, but the views westward from Waddingham have been allowed to be destroyed by a rash of towering tubes that insult the observer whether they are working or not.

The attempted construction of a wind farm at Hemswell Cliff was faced down by public opinion and vigorous opposition.

An application for a single turbine at Normanby-by-Spital was defeated by a determined refusal to be overwhelmed by bureaucracy and greed.

Now it is the turn of Kingerby, Kirkby and Osgodby. A single turbine is being proposed on ancient and archaeologically-rich land just to the south of Kingerby.

A proposal that will do nothing for the people of the villages, nothing for ‘carbon footprints’, and nothing for our energy security.

It will, however, destroy our heritage, wreck the landscape, and add to the absurd costs already being paid by the consumer.

Furthermore, if allowed, it is likely to be followed by others on the grounds that ‘If one is allowed, clearly no-one is interested.’

Just take a look at the fields close by Waddingham for the result of such a surrender.

E C Coleman

Bishop Norton