LETTER: Renewables - All need to be going green

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What exciting times these are!

Not so long ago all our electricity came from burning coal, then burning gas became more popular, now we are switching to renewable energy.

In the week before Christmas 13% of the UK’s electricity coming from wind power alone, one windy day the proportion rose to 17%.

Only a few years ago some said that the grid would not be able to cope with more than 10%.

In 2012 Scotland got 40% of its electricity from renewables and it looks like they will meet their target of 50% by 2015. The truth is that if we want it enough we can make it work.

In Germany 50% of the wind farms are owned by community groups or cooperatives, in Denmark it is 70%.

Here in the UK we have been happier to sit back and let the big energy companies make all the decisions ... and the profits.

But things are starting to change. The Government recently released the Community Energy Strategy describing how they wish to see communities taking charge and reaping the benefits of organising their own energy provision.

Here in Caistor we already have over 40 energy pioneers who have turned their roofs into solar power stations, plus an entrepreneurial farmer who is preparing to turn his crops into biogas and then burn that to make electricity.

So things are definitely moving in the right direction, but we currently use a lot of electricity and are expected to use a lot more in future for heating and transport.

To ensure that renewables continue to replace dirty fossil fuels I suggest that we all need to get involved and support local renewable energy developments by writing in support of planning applications and telling our local politicians that we want a clean energy future.

Peter Sanderson