Letter: Rasen Station - No contact with any party

I see from last week’s Market Rasen Mail that you have written a story regarding the building currently being offered for sale by our company.

The Station House is NOT up for sale, it is occupied by Mr Rouse and has been for some years.

The application for Community Status is for the Station Building only, I have a communication from WLDC confirming this if you wish to see it but you can contact them directly to confirm.

The application made by the so called Market Rasen Vision Group is false in a number of areas including the above points.

This building has been closed since the 1970’s was acquired by our company in 2000 and is in a watertight condition.

The concrete floor is not stacked high with Rubble it contains personal items belonging to Mr Rouse our tenant.

There are no Georgian windows behind the boards and these had already long since gone when we bought the building in 2000.

No contact WHATSOEVER has been made by this group with us as owners whether to make an offer for the property or otherwise.

Over the 15 years since we bought this building a number of groups have approached with a view to its use for community use NONE have ever come to anything because the costs would be too high, and any scheme was proven not to be viable.

We have received NO communications from WLDC because the building is secure as it is required to be under current legislation.

It is ironic that Mr Padley makes false comments about us selling for 1 pound firstly as we certainly wont be selling for that figure and secondly because he as PREVIOUS OWNER of the building had his own part in its lack of use and having objected to planning applications.

The cost of refurbishment of the building 10 years ago was almost 250,000 pounds the paltry 100,000 in your report would not even repair the stonework to the entrance, this quote was by both Lindum and Gelder construction companies in Lincoln.

An interested party has made an offer to purchase the building and we expect such a sale to be concluded shortly. Needless to say the party involved is not the Community Group as they have not even made an offer and have NO funding!!!

Carl J Tyler

Group Director, Terrafirma Estates