LETTER: Public services - Where your money goes

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People are always complaining about pot-holes not being filled, roads not gritted when icy and public services being reduced or even cancelled.

Don’t they realise that the local councils do not have the money for these, not on the small amounts of council tax they charge us.

Everyone has their priorities, so you must understand that councils have their as well.

An army of jobsworths, with non-jobs, all well paid. The money has to come from somewhere.

Plush, newly decorated regional offices, manned by swarms of staff, all smartly uniformed - that doesn’t come cheap.

A regiment of ticket wardens with new, smart mopeds and uniforms persecuting motorists - aren’t they worth a lot of money?

For the councillors themselves, huge salaries, golden pensions, easily fiddled expense accounts, fleets of cars, taxpayer funded credit cards, plus all those free dinners and jollies they love going on.

All has to be paid somehow. If you have to choose what to spend money on or not, what better than not on what doesn’t affect you.

So the next time a care home closes or your car is damaged by pot-holes, rest assured that the council is doing it’s best for the people who pay them.

Mr B Turf