LETTER: Poultry farm Surprised at opposition

I was surprised and saddened when I read your recent ‘Residents Against Poultry Farm’ article.

I have had involvement with this farm for some years and I know first hand of the commitment the owners have shown in updating to incorporate modern health guidelines, working routines, everything that, quite rightly, the industry demands.

They have been pioneers in the use of herbal treatments as alternatives to vaccines and medicines, and also to pest control by non-chemical methods.

They have received Commendations from the HSE for innovative working practices and welfare practices that are now used throughout the poultry industry.

This business has operated on this site for more than 60 years and the owners have now recognised that shed replacements are a ‘must’ for the future wellbeing and viability of their business.

Local concern is understandable, but modern sheds can only have a positive environmental effect. A key aim is to reduce noise, smell, dust, etc, which will be a plus for the local community. A detailed study of the proposal also makes clear the considerable visual benefit by replacing the old sheds with those of modern design.

This application is not asking to build a new poultry farm on a greenfield site; it is an application to update and make viable an existing poultry business, taking into account the environmental expectations of the relevant authorities and of the local community. An initial NYMBY reaction is not too surprising but the protest is misguided and, hopefully, common sense will prevail.

Chris Riley

By Email