LETTER: Policing - Sceptical over crime figures

It took me a whole day to prise away my eyes as if glued to the headline that had me in a hypnotic state of mind, bordering on the point of an hysterical fit of delusions of grandeur.

Because darn it all surely I wasn’t the only one to go weak at the knee’s in disbelief when reading, “Latest Crime Drop Is Excellent”, says PCC, Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, January 22,2014.

And when our dear PCC Alan Hardwick started to break down all this into figures that would have left Albert Einstein scratching away 
at his cranium, it didn’t leave a lot for the likes of myself who only has a PhD in Multifarious Mathematical Equations.

So !, Please PCC Alan Hardwick lets cut the crop and get back to the real figures that tell the truth, because believe me sir the way your heading at the moment you would make a wonderful, “member of Parliament”.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor