LETTER: Please wall us in...and make it stick this time

Would you please allow me to presume that there are a number of our readers of the Market Rasen Mail who are accustom to the words of a hymn that has the words, “There is a green hill far away without a city wall.”

Well, that’s exactly where the crux of this particular letter has its very own foundations when talking here in Caistor and the name of a road Mill Lane that once stood proud for many a good long year until the test of time along with the elements brought it crashing down into the road.

This, may I add, came about well over a year ago, and it was with great relief and a cheer in everyone’s heart that things were put into place in pretty quick time.

And lo and behold with a wink of an eye the powers that be got themselves into forward motion and along with an engineer’s drawing the bricklayers went to town and in a matter of a week or more the wall stood proud for all to see.

Thankfully, nobody was standing too close to this wall in admiration for within only a matter of days the darn thing came crashing down again and that’s where it was stayed, looking a right old mess and preventing a right of way to vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Now if this wasn’t bad enough with nowt being done since the first pathetic attempt by Bodge It and Scarper, this has also left an elderly gentleman who has had his right of way for his vehicle directly in the path of this fallen wall blocking his coming and going through the gates to his abode with weekly shopping and other items. Thus stopping this routine he had done for years and making things not only a darn nuisance, but also having a great effect upon his health, which is only too visible for all to see in this once very sprightly man taking this whole matter to heart.

So, what’s going on? What’s the hold up? Because damn it all the Great Wall of China was put up in far less time than it’s taking these English heel daggers to get this wall back up and this time hopefully staying up years and years and not days and days like the previous engineering catastrophe.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor