LETTER: Planning - Where’s the consistency

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Some time ago I wrote to the Rasen Mail regarding a planning application for development of a broiler unit on Bleasby Moor.

The planning application was approved by West Lindsey even though their Planning Officer’s Report was not, as promised by West Lindsey, published on line in time for the residents to make valid objections to relevant inaccuracies contained in that report.

The absence of time to digest the Planning Officers Report put Bleasby Moor objectors at a big disadvantage at the Planning Committee Meeting where the decision was made to allow the Broiler Units.

I have corresponded at length with West Lindsey regarding their failure to publish the Planning Officers Report.

I now see that a more recent decision with respect to an application for the development of a similar unit at Owersby Moor was rejected due to road status and conditions, an argument which Bleasby Moor residents used.

The roads surrounding Owersby are the same status as the roads which surround Bleasby Moor.

However the condition of the Owersby Roads are far superior to the condition of the roads surrounding Bleasby Moor which provide access to the Hill Top Farm development site. I have to ask why?

West Lindsey Officers have tried to blame Lincolnshire County Council for the failure to publish the Planning Officer’s report on line in good time as promised by West Lindsey in previous correspondence.

Between Lincolnshire CC and West Lindsey DC they try to “pass the buck” but West Lindsey are responsible for informing their residents in time of their Planning Officer’s Report and Lincolnshire CC advise on the roads.

West Lindsey did not do their job and Lincolnshire CC do not use the same criteria re roads when they make their decisions.

I cannot help but think that there is some in-built bias in both authorities.

I have previously requested the name of the person responsible for the failure of West Lindsey to ensure that West Lindsey’s Planning Officer’s Report was, as promised by the Chief Officer, published on line in the required legally set time.

Their officers have refused to provide this information.

As it is West Lindsey’s decision and responsibility for the omission to provide the promised information I have now formally requested that that information be provided under the Freedom of Information Act.

It should be interesting to see what happens next.

Shirley J Howe

Rowan House, Bleasby Moor, Market Rasen