LETTER: Pet fouling - Small number let all down

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Caistor and surrounding area seems to have a resurgence of selfish dog owners, I suspect a very small number, allowing their pets to foul pavements, verges, paths and tracks.

May I through your columns make these people aware that not only is it an offence, its liable to cause serious illness, particularly to youngsters, who may get it on clothes, hands etc, it gets carried into homes on shoes and pushchair wheels etc.

Its dangerous to everyone who may slip on it , several years ago one elderly lady, hitherto very active despite being in her 90s, went flying on dog fouling, broke her hip & never recovered.

Rant over, now the positive note for the law abiding, we have enforcement officers, Caistor & Keelby even has its own enforcement officer, all who are itching to hand out tickets how ever early in the morning darkness or evenings.

Allowing your dog to foul is likely to get you a ticket, a fine and maximum publicity.

Lastly any details of offenders, days, times & locations gratefully received by myself, West Lindsey 01427 67676 or Police (dial 101).

Alan Caine

Caistor District Councillor