LETTER: Parking reply

It was my Ferrari that you used to headline your front page on Wednesday 25th September 2013.

I have taken legal Advice and I have a “Right to Reply”.

My own father was registered as ‘blind’ (died 27th Dec 2011, Birth Cert Caistor) and as such was a ‘disabled badge holder’, I have full respect for disabled parking and always will.

The night the picture was taken was Wednesday 18th September.

It was raining hard and the Caistor Co-op Car Park was almost empty, certainly all three disabled bays were empty.

I pulled right opposite the fish shop, to buy a single fish. I was about four-metres from the car at all times as I did not even lock it.

I certainly would never park my car there and leave it. I was less than four minutes in total checking the car at all times.

On leaving I was asked if I would mind a photograph being taken of the car, it is photographed regularly and before this I always said no problem.

As this is a rare car in this area it stands out, due to you using my car to sell papers I can no longer use it in my own area for fear of vandalism.

Many people also know me well and all ask me about the picture,

I get so angry having to explain to friends and family what happened.

In short I did stop in the bay for a few short minutes but at no time was it parked, at all time I was there with it.

Come on ask yourself, would you park an unlocked Ferrari there ?.

Name and Address Supplied