LETTER: Nouvelle Cuisine - The poor chap will go hungry

The date of purchase for our Market Rasen Mail on this particular occasion was Wednesday, October 9, 2013 and there will be no doubt some folk out there thinking, “what on earth has taken this young man so long to pen his letter?”.

And with this in mind I will thus tell you, because it all began when reading this issue I came across on Page 39 that carried the main headline, local lifestyle, with pub grub pioneer, and Michelin-Starred Chef Tom Kerridge on the Joys of a good lunch.

And there was a photograph of this most handsome man with a smile on his chops from ear to ear, sat at the table with knife and fork in his hands and a glass of beer filled to the brim ready to quench his thirst.

But, where was the food upon his plate I asked myself? Straining my eyes to the point of them popping out of my head in the search for what I presumed to be there but couldn’t see until I had hunted out my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass.

Which is why after all this time and many hours of trying to fathom out what was on his plate I have given up the ghost in the hope our Editor can throw some light on this matter before I go blind in the constant searching.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor