Letter: Not what I expected, but well done The Chase, Market Rasen

When, on Saturday November 17, my friends invited me to go along to watch pole dancing at The Chase in Market Rasen, I immediately accepted as I spent my honeymoon in Poland and explored the length and breadth of the country and was looking forward to see some Eastern European dancing again.

But I was disappointed when I arrived at the pub to find out that someone had put a long silver shiny piece of metal from the floor to the ceiling and that a local woman was going to be exercising around it!

Being the inquisitive type, I decided to have approximately four pints of Tom Wood’s Bomber County, got myself a chair and waited for the dancing to start.

There was a healthy crowd for a change in the pub and it was very good natured, and would you believe it there were even some females there!!

The young lady at the centre of attention did several exercises on the pole although it was not the type of dancing I was used to seeing (I am a fan of Strictly Come Dancing).

The way she whirled round the metal pole and balanced upside down throughout the evening was very impressive I must say and if nothing else she was a very fit young lady and must be congratulated on keeping herself in top physical condition.

I heard a rumour in the town earlier in the week that it may end up being smutty however this was not the case and at all times during her routines, the young lady managed to have no “wardrobe malfunctions” as I believe celebrities call them and her dignity was intact throughout the whole night.

This was a relief to me and I must say she did very well!

What I am trying to say is the some people may have had false ideas about this type of night however it was a new attraction to the town and Brian and Jane must be congratulated at trying something new to bring in business.

They have built a small stage in the pub and this is now where their dining area is located. It is very nice and is an asset to the pub.

Local business and financial leaders were present at the pole dancing night and everyone behaved themselves magnificently up to the point at 11.15pm when we left to visit another hostelry in the town.

We thanked Brian and Jane at the door and I hope they come up with other ideas to attract punters and create business in the town.

When was the last time your readers visited The Chase? Go on, you may surprise yourself!

PS - I would still like to see some Polish dancing!

Alan Robertson

The Furlongs

Market Rasen