LETTER: No use raiding the biscuit tin

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In answer to some Rasen Mail readers: Yes, we have reserves.

I have stated in this newspaper several times the amounts of our revenue and capital, and any councillor, indeed, any member of the public can have access to those figures by simply requesting them.

WLDC, in common with virtually every council in the UK, is prudent in the face of potentially huge funding cuts in the medium and long term.

Rate payers would not appreciate a disproportionate rise in taxes because we spent our cash and were £2.5 million in the hole, according to my projections for the next four years.

In other words, if we raided the biscuit tin there would be nothing left to fund projects, and more importantly we would be hard pressed to provide basic services.

Great uncertainties are the Universal Credit, the localisation of council tax benefit, and also large risks associated with locally retained business rates.

How would any individual in the face of these reductions not see the wisdom of keeping the lid on that biscuit tin?

We require those reserves to invest in the growth activities that will keep this district on the right road.

Coun Burt Keimach,

Leader WLDC and LCC Coun Market Rasen Wolds