Letter: Nimrods not a ‘necessity’?

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Editor – To further correspondence with regards to the letter written to the Market Rasen Mail, February 2, in which the prominent Member of Parliament Edward Leigh tried to baffle the reader with words quite incomprehensible which had me using my replica of the Enigma machine to decode and decipher his message.

Not unlike a jumping bean, this man was all over the place, ie banks, parliament, arsonists, haystacks, shooting, firemen and so on until hitting a raw nerve when speaking of the RAF.

For this he shouts of the “necessity” of maintaining the Fleet Air Arm. But where, may I ask, were his words about keeping the nine early-warning Nimrod aircraft for the defence and security of all our shores?

And at a cost of the £4 billion of tax payers’ money already spent and cancellation costs that could be as high as £200 million is not this worth a mention on why they are being scrapped and sliced into sections by two giant cutting rigs at BAE’s facility in Woodford, Cheshire?

Or has this now been conveniently forgotten and already brushed under the carpet?

Nino Hoblyn

Ex-2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards