Letter: MPS - How can they claim so much?

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Once again we are reminded of all these grabbing, stealing, fiddling, so called MPs that for the good of our country manage to give themselves 11% pay rise to go with all the other perks like a Gainsborough MP that has just claimed as a newspaper found out, has claimed over £3,500 for his central heating for his second house, he must feel the cold badly.

But I’ll bet not as much as the news from old age pensions UK that 25,000 old age pensioners died of Hypothermia last year and a further 10,000 of hunger.

Just why are we all sitting back ignoring this fact in 2013. Or do we just do as the Government says on TV,

Wrap Up, go to bed with a hot drink, and put on your one bar fire and just pray the good Lord does not want you yet, as his beds are all full.

It’s a disgrace these pensioners have gone through World Wars, Strokes, had big families ( no protection then), struggled on low wages to make ends meet and bring their kids up properly only 
to die of cold and hunger in 2013.

Lets look at monies, Old Age Pensioners approx £4,500 a year out of that, rent, Meagre food bills, a bag of coal now nearly £14, Electric sky high, clothing on approx £100 a week.

Now lets look at our MPs £74,000 a year, free travel, free heating, expenses, food claims, free biscuits, Duck ponds cleaned out, fiddle £30,000 tax payers money, go to jail for six weeks, let me have £30,000 I’ll go to jail for six weeks.

It’s about time we the people of this country banded together and blasted these greedy MPs that just seem to claim what they want and get it while the rest of the people are left to die and struggle every day just to live.

Don’t forget 25,500 died of the cold, True fact, 10,00 
from hunger. Just think would you let your Mum and Dad 
die of these facts, I don’t think so.

We are a caring people, so why are we not shouting 
our heads off at these MPs 
that only provide for themselves.

Just look at the differences, Lincoln County Councillors £100,000 plus, Chief Inspectors £100,000 plus, MPs £74,000 plus, lets get something done before it gets worse for the working class and old age folk.

They deserve better and you will agree with me, if you now care. It can’t go on, lets get some buses sorted and go down to London and let those greedy MPs know just how much we care even if they could not care less.

I will be the first to let them know if I could.

The latest con, if you 
can believe it, one MP clocked on for 15 minutes then 
claimed his £300 expenses for the day.

Not bad £300 a day, attendance. £1,500 a week, old age pensioners £100 a week, does it not make you sick.

Mr G Crosbie

High Street, Glentham