LETTER: MPS bill - Juxtaposition of expenses

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One really shouldn’t laugh, should they ? but I’m afraid to say I was rather tickled to the point of bringing out my handkerchief and wiping away the tears that were streaming from my eyes and down the cheeks of my face.

For there on the front page, “MP to take Action over Inaccurate Expenses List”. Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, November 6, 2013, in which Sir Edward Leigh is going to try his uppermost to uncover why his heating claim was an “Inaccurate” £3337.09p, when in truth it was just a measly, paltry, insignificant sum of £2329.54p.

And if that wasn’t bad enough to grab the readers little grey cells and send them into warp mode in thinking that one has missed out on the story of our Sir Edward Leigh moving into Buckingham Palace.

Then I’m afraid that headline that carried Sir Edward Leigh’s letter was another one to start the tears rolling down those cheeks when reading “Cash Needed Elsewhere”. Which before actually getting to grips with this latest edition of this most upstanding man in our society, straight away brings to mind that this sounds like a cry for help in raising money to help pay for that “Heating Bill”.

Nino Hoblyn