LETTER: More independent councillors needed in Lincolnshire

The need for More Independent Councillors and Councillors from other minority groups.

As your readers are probably aware, there are several contentious issues between ourselves, both with West Lindsey District Council and the County Council that mostly involve finance.

The cash mountain in West Lindsey is one, the money being paid out by council tax payers for the incinerator in North Hykeham is an another and the proposal to build a “bed only” hotel on Whitton Gardens in Gainsborough is a third.

You would think that as councillors we would be fully in the picture and be able to inform council taxpayers in our wards just what is going on. BUT WE CANNOT. We are either told we are not capable of understanding the budgets or are not senior enough councillors to be informed of what is going on with regards the hotel.

That is why we are asking your readers to consider voting in more Independent Councillors in the County Council elections in May and in the District council elections in 2015 to break the strangle hold of a single party. Just so these issues can be properly debated.

Coalition Governments may have faults but the mere fact of being a “coalition” does mean just about everything gets a decent airing. When Italy used to be held up for ridicule for its “5 minute parliaments” the country prospered and growth was far faster than here in the UK!

Not so in Local Government. Requests under the FOA are turned down and moves for Extraordinary Council Meetings vetoed with out reason given. Much is spoken about accountability, where is it? A coalition administration with a small majority would be the cure.

With regards the cash mountain in the West Lindsey coffers, what are the figures? what are the plans?

With the Incinerator at North Hykeham what were the costs of alternative methods of payments for the project and where can we see the alternative financial projections of newer, more environment friendly technologies?

If we are wrong, prove it, show the figures for all to see.

Anyone who did simple maths at school would be able to judge.

Council Tax Payers money should be regarded as a precious commodity and open for full scrutiny.

In business it is easy to get things wrong, successful businessmen accept the fact, shrug their shoulders, cut their losses and look for the next window of opportunity. It does not seem to happen in local government. The carpet just gets higher.

So please, next time round consider voting Independent. Independent candidates have to stand on their own two feet, finance their own election expenses and deliver their own leaflets. Independent councillors are not subservient to any party machine, and can ask the awkward questions and are free to represent those who pay their wages. BUT WE NEED MORE OF US.

Coun Wiseman and Coun Darcel.