LETTER: Market Rasen - Use or lose your high street

Market Rasen

Numerically, there are more people queuing to leave town than are strolling the high street.

The Friday market is almost non-existent with just the man selling plants beside the fish seller.

It’s January, it’s cold, but the awful fact is that an awful lot of people are leaving town to do their shopping.

The Business Improvement Group, who long ago left the high street in their wake, is suspiciously quiet with little or no drum banging.

The BIG Market drifts like a listless ship in shallow waters with much repetition of stalls and grumbling trades people

The writer thinks they have missed an opportunity, but more of that later. Firstly, let’s look at the consequence of losing a once viable high street. As it closes, the high streets demise will take with it so much of what Market Rasen has come to rely upon.

House prices, will fall as Rasen becomes a less desirable to reside in.

Bus services will reduce yet again, as less people want to come to the town to shop.

Facilities, especially those that we have come to rely upon, together with those yet to leave planning, will be shelved, perhaps forever.

What precedence there is for Law and Order on the streets will be even further reduced.

I know what you’re thinking; this is a doom and gloom merchant just looking on the downside.

Of course you are absolutely correct, this is the downside, and however, it is feasible given the current financial climate.

This is where I think the Business Improvement Group have missed an opportunity. MRBIG are a Community Interest Group that appears to want less to do with the community as time goes by. The opportunity to involve the community has been there since the beginning they just needed to listen.

Have we all heard of the local economy?

In times of austerity it is important to ensure that the community sticks together.

This involves making sure that any profit made in the locale stays in the locale.

Many of Market Rasen shop owners live in the general area and will spend any of their profits in the town.

What is the point of bragging about bringing in traders from all over the country to our market, where they are allowed to sell products, at slightly less that the high street, due to overheads.

Profits made are then taken away from the town and reinvested in some other local economy far from our high street.

Now, I am the last person to tell anyone where they should or should not spend their hard earned cash.

However, I do think that a community interest group should be looking to encourage more people to participate as they go about their everyday lives.

I know the Market Rasen community would want to get behind something like this for their town and environment; they just need to be listened to and encouraged.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, it’s Friday. The car parks are full and the town is empty.

Unless the high street is supported now it will not be there when we all want it.

Name and address supplied