LETTER: Market Rasen Town Council will be to blame if we lose NHS dentist

How much longer can we let an unelected body (Market Rasen Town Council) make decisions on our behalf without any consultation with the local residents?

At the full council meeting on Wednesday night, councillors discussed a request from Oasis Dental Practice for extra room to be able to have a waiting room for their clients. They at present rent the old sergeant’s house to the side of the Old Court House.

Several options were discussed, but the only viable one appeared to be sharing the office presently used by the Town Clerk. At this meeting the option of telling Oasis that there was no further space available was also discussed.

We are fortunate to have a NHS dentist in our town. If they have to move the responsibility will be seen to rest with the council, as was pointed out during the meeting.

Nearly 10 years ago the Old Court House was given to the council to be run for the benefit for the local community. Surely a local NHS Dentist is a major benefit for us locals.

One possibility, apparently not even considered by the council and the one which I would suggest, is to move the Town Clerk up to the Festival Hall and utilise some of “dead” space for her office.

This would be easy for the locals to visit and if the query could not be answered by the council, it would be next door to West Lindsey Council, the next step up.

It would also mean that the integrity of the Old Police Station building could be maintained.

From my research, it appears that the last full election for Market Rasen Town Council was in 1981. What right then do they have to make these decisions on our behalf? Do they not sometimes suffer from toothache or can they all afford to go private?

If we lose our NHS dentist let us not forget who is to blame.

Nigel Cook

Market Rasen