Letter: Market Rasen - Lets leave it to the voters

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By his own admission Cllr Cook has only been a member of Market Rasen Town Council for under a year.

So he perhaps does not realise that several years ago there were discussions with the County Council about acquiring De Aston Field for a much lower price than that recently paid.

Also there existed a possibility for a long lease at a peppercorn rent.

The flooding problem was also being reviewed, as at one time the site was under consideration for a swimming pool -- a facility that was not built because of its prohibitive maintenance costs to WLDC.

I note also that Cllr Cook failed to comment on the huge Mill Road asbestos debacle.

All 77 county councillors give their time and effort to help run a £1.1 billion budget and deliver increasingly complex and expensive services.

The relatively small allowances paid do not reflect the sacrifices in energy and hours needed.

There is much disquiet nationally in recent years about the value and worth of parish and town councils.

But because we live in a free and open democracy it remains the choice of the voters.

The first step - a petition for a referendum containing the signatures of 5% of registered voters is simple to effect.

Such action is the choice and prerogative of citizen taxpayers.

Cllr Burt Keimach

WLDC AND LCC Councillor for Market Rasen