Letter: Mali Crisis - Why send our troops?

I am in an apoplexy of rage as our government once again volunteers our armed forces and equipment to any Tom, Dick and Harry who requests it, rubbing their noses in it after announcing a second round of redundancies to these service personnel whose morale is at an all time low.

We are bailing out the French in Mali and the US who have their fingers in the pie also.

That’s rich, it really is, taking into consideration we bailed out France and many other European countries in both World Wars, which bankrupted us absolutely, with no remuneration offered for our appalling losses and very little thanks.

It is high time we took a leaf out of Denmakr’s book, closing out borders and placing our forces where they absolutely should be protecting our borders, waters and air space. We should be independent on every level, no alliances and definitely out of the EU, which bleeds us out of £50m sterling every single day.

Contrary to what the public are being told by avaricious scare mongers, the EU will be desperate to still trade with us, particularly as their own economies and currency are dead in the water. We had a wonderful trading relationship with the Commonwealth countries which could quite easily be revived.

G P Hoblyn