LETTER: LLC & MPs - The cost of public services

County Councillors wages as was stated by one of the local County Councillors was in my letter totally out off context, and that they only get ten pounds an hour plus expenses, was well short of the money’s that I said.

Well if you read the letter properly you would have realised I was talking about the Top Dogs in Lincoln’s Chambers not the village councillors.

We now know how to get their backs up. Also dear readers, did you notice, No feedback about my subject on the treatment of our old age pensioners and we all know our local MP reads the Market Rasen Mail

We will wait and see if there is a reply from our local Sir MP. I will be waiting with bated breath.

Also Editor I see I even caught you out with your editor’s column.

Also will someone please explain to me how the I.P.S.A Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority works as they seem to pay out a lot of crooked money to fiddling MP without any checks.

I am not referring to anyone in particular. I am just curious how the system works.

Gordon Crosby