LETTER: Lack of money to blame for A&E problems

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In recent weeks the media have covered, at some length, the problems in our A&E departments, struggling to cope with the demand. The nursing union blamed a lack of money.

Government reports have identified a £70m pa shortfall in our NHS funding with other areas, principally the south east, overfunded.

NHS money was supposed to move from London and the South East to places like Lincolnshire. Last year, at long-last, the government agreed that local government services in rural areas like Lincolnshire were under funded with the south east and urban areas receiving too much in grants.

Circa £20 million should have been transferred, predominantly from more affluent parts of the country, to Lincolnshire’s councils.

In both cases the money has never arrived.

You can almost hear the debate down in London ‘Let’s leave the affluent south-east overfunded and not bother to move the money because Lincolnshire is not like Guildford or Tunbridge Wells and lots of important people to upset; and Lincolnshire’s politicians won’t make much of a fuss either’.

Now that is the real problem, our political leaders have not made much of a fuss and in spite of the rhetoric of ‘standing up for Lincolnshire’ that some of them are use in the latest County Council election, nothing could be further from the truth.

So if you have to wait or queue in your A&E, don’t blame the staff, blame your failing political leaders.

David Bowles