LETTER: It’s still early days for Wragby Co-op

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We’d just like to clarify our position on services in Wragby.

We are in the very early stages of negotiating a scheme which could lead to us opening a new foodstore on a site near the new housing development in Wragby. Subject to securing that site, any permissions needed, and any development progressing then we would relocate. This plan is in its very early stages and may not come to fruition. If we were to move forward with such a scheme people in Wragby would be made aware through the normal channels, such as the planning process. The question over the future of Wragby Library is another issue.

As part of the Lincolnshire County Council’s consultation into the future of libraries we have picked five sites where could offer support to sustain services; Cherry Willingham, Boultham in Lincoln, Spilsby, Nettleham and Welton.

We already run a library within a pharmacy in Waddington and all our potential solutions for those areas are similar to that model – they would involve a combined hub of different services including one of our businesses. We think that’s the way we could make such schemes sustainable in the long-term.

The decision on the future for these library sites, and all others across the county, rests with Lincolnshire County Council. People are being asked to submit their views and ideas to the authority as part of the consultation by September 30th.

In terms of Wragby, we would be happy to talk to people and show them how our current library in Waddington works. We could give them advice on whether they could come up with a practical, workable and sustainable solution for their area. Sadly, we don’t have any spare space in our store for library facilities.

Ursula Lidbetter,

Chief Executive of 
Lincolnshire Co-op