LETTER: Is it time to abolish Market Rasen Town Council?

For many months now the people of Market Rasen have been asking probing questions about the town council.

The recent rejection of two highly capable candidates for co-option raises serious issues of democracy because the public have not been informed about the reasons for the council’s action.

This leads to other concerns about ratepayers being assessed a precept of more than £100,000 per year, when most statutory services are already provided by county and district councils.

Many are now saying it is time for a Governance Review to put to the electorate the simple choice of whether to abolish the town council, or to let it carry on.

If the results of the Review, basically a survey, are for abolition, then an election would be called to democratically let residents decide.

Coun Burt Keimach,

Leader WLDC, and LCC Coun Market Rasen Wolds