LETTER: Important Lincolnshire County Council has your views on Wind farms

As the county councillor for the Ancholme Cliff division of Lincolnshire County Council, may I respectfully ask that ratepayers read this quarter’s edition of The County News, and reply to the questionnaire on wind farms as soon as possible - it is a freepost response!

It is very important that your county council reflects your views when making their thoughts known to Government ministers and developers. The county’s views are simply that, whilst not wishing to outlaw wind farms, they should only be sited where they do not impinge on residents’ quality of life and that, of course, includes the landscape and visual aspect.

It is the district council planning committee who will sit in judgement on each application, but it is important that they realise the responsibility they carry when they determine a large wind farm application. This may well have a detrimental effect on not only the quality of life of thousands of residents, but the likely drop in the equity of their homes and difficulty in selling should a turbine farm application suddenly be lodged 500 metres from their home.

As the elected county councillor for the area, I will continue to champion the views of the residents of the Ancholme Cliff at all times. I also pay tribute to VOCAT (Villagers of the Cliff against Turbines), John Hayes MP, Owen Patterson, Edward Leigh MP, and now Nick Bowles MP, who are working hard in their departments to limit these unwanted and, in my opinion, practically useless wind farm applications to ‘off shore’ or in the windiest extremities of Scotland.

Moreover, I should make it quite clear that this questionnaire has no bearing on other forms of renewable energy, especially for our local farmers. These applications are always judged by, and are dependent on the view of, the West Lindsey District Council planning committee –these include solar, anaerobic digesters, deep water heat pumps and, yes, where a farmer feels there is no other alternative, a sensibly

sized wind turbine.

At the moment, your county council is delivering a new waste plant at Hykeham that will end the curse of municipal landfill and methane, whilst providing electricity for thousands of homes. So, be assured, we all believe in green energy!

If not too late, may I wish all Ancholme Cliff residents a very Happy New Year.

Lewis Strange

County Councillor for Ancholme Cliff division, Lincolnshire County Council

Kelsey Wold ward, West Lindsey District Council